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As the world’s largest angel investing organization with over 13,000 investors, ACA leads the way in building connections and ideas that drive returns. We focus on the unique needs of investors and bring education, data-driven analysis, connection building and public policy to improve investment results. Now, ACA is offering investors outside North America the opportunity to tap into ACA members’ expertise and create insights and access that is truly trans-continental.

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Key benefits

  • Education—leverage ACA investor educational tools
  • Connections—meet and build relationships with leading angel investors at ACA’s premier event
  • Timely information—gain early access to emerging angel investing trends, opportunities and challenges
Global Individual Pass (1 investor) - $450
Global Group Pass (30 investors) - $1250

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Access points

ACA angel insights webinars

ACA Webinars provide new insights to the minds and activities of leading angels and industry experts throughout North America. International Access includes an annual subscription to participate in the ~20 live annual sessions and review the full presentation presentation and materials archive at any time. Join the leading edge as ACA explores and shares smart investing practices and trends for active angels.

In 2018 presentations will include Understanding Venture Capitalists, Impact Investing, Fundamentals of Angel Investing, Approaching Corporates to Catch the Big Fish, Optimizing Due Diligence to be Effective, and more...

Exclusive pricing for ACA Summit

Connect with leading international angels and industry experts as well as around the world during the 2019 ACA Summit.  The ACA Global Pass provides ACA member rates (a savings of $300 per person for the April 24-26, 2019 event in Chicago). Learn directly with key trend setters from 25+ countries, and increase your understanding of angel investor challenges and opportunities.

The ACA Summit is a truly unique peer exchange opportunity. In addition to multi-track investor education with 700+ new colleagues, optional events focused on international angels are available and include 

@ACA eNews Member Newsletter

The ACA newsletter provides timely information on angel investing trends, key insights on the North American ecosystem growth and changes and upcoming ACA education. This private weekly resource is the foundation for available ACA and other leading industry updates. 

Connect to ACA content: 

Global Individual Pass (1 investor) - $450
Global Group Pass (30 investors) - $1250

International Angel Association - Investing associations with angel groups as members may connect with ACA and learn about providing  the ACA Global Pass to your members at a discount. Contact ACA to learn more