Gust provides angel groups with powerful tools to discover, vet, share, facilitate, and manage quality investments. Our robust, secure deal flow and collaboration platform provides deal management, commitment tracking, document management, messaging, online closing, and deal syndication. In addition to our industry-defining angel group platform, Gust’s suite of services includes powerful online cap table management, audit-defensible 409A valuations, incorporation, legal and financial services, pre-money valuation reports, and built-in networking with the country’s leading accelerators.

Partnership between ACA and Gust Benefits ACA Members

  • Free use of Gust’s deal flow and collaboration platform
  • 10% off Gust Launch, startup legal and financial services
  • 3 months of free online cap table management and audit-defensible 409A valuations through Gust Equity Management with $100 off of cap table implementation
  • Free use of the Gust Accelerator Platform

New Benefits for ACA members:

Gust Launch

Gust Launch gives founders the tools and services they need to incorporate, run, and grow high-growth companies. Designed by experienced startup founders, investors, and lawyers, Gust Launch will help your founders start and run companies optimized for easy investment.

  •  Gust Launch includes: Incorporation as a Delaware C-Corporation, online company formation, a federal tax identification number (EIN), online stock issuances, cap table management.
  • With add-on packages to solve problems as they arise: a law firm introduction with no initial retainer and one free hour each month, bookkeeping and accounting services, tax prep and filing.

Gust Equity Management

Gust now offers the most comprehensive and affordable equity management solution for early-stage companies:

  • Modern, Online Cap Table Management: Powerful tools for your founders to build, manage, model and share their cap tables. A single login will give you complete transparency into transaction data, shared documents, and full company ownership information across your portfolio.
  • Next-Day, Audit-Defensible 409A Valuations: Through our recent acquisition of Preferred Return, we now provide AICPA-compliant valuations that consistently endure Big 4 audit, SEC inquiry, and acquirer scrutiny.

The Gust Accelerator Platform

Gust has expanded its world-class software solutions to the accelerator market, building a brand new platform from the ground up. The Gust Accelerator Platform enables high-growth accelerators to easily scale their application and evaluation processes with an intuitive interface and powerful feature set.